Are You Aware Of These Duties And Responsibilities Of Landlords?

Landlords have an important duty to provide guarantee on the safety of rental properties and other parts. If landlords neglect to maintain his/her responsibilities, then tenants, neighbors and general public also have to suffer from injury or damage. 

Whether residential landlords or commercial landlords, they need to be aware of their duties and must perform the same. Adhering to their responsibilities they can ensure safety to their tenants.

Some of the important responsibilities of landlords are:

1) ensuring whether all installations like electricity, gas and heating are working properly or not;

2) maintaining the interior and exterior structures of the house;

3) treating potential health-threatening issues like rising damp immediately;

4) installing the necessary appliances with safety

5) treating other things as per the tenancy agreement

Apart from general responsibilities different states of a country might have different requirements of responsibilities of landlords. However, residential landlords have specific duties towards the tenants. And here are a few of them highlighted.

The duties that landlords of residential properties must perform:

1) determining rent by maintaining prevailing law;

2) receiving correct rent on due date;

3) receiving charges related to the properties like duties and taxes;

4) reviewing the rent annually or as per the agreement;

5) terminating any tenant without giving reason in first 6 months;

6) be updated about necessary repairs;

7) carrying out repairs to the properties

8) deciding whether the tenant can provide the property to sub-let to others

9) be informed who is living in the house property currently

Landlords do not have rights to enter the tenant’s house without taking permission as well as retaining their property, if tenants have not paid rent and charging rent more than the market rate.

Landlords of residential properties have some important obligations and those are:

• providing energy rating for the property;

• providing rent book for the rent already paid;

• ensuring whether the property meets minimum standards;

• repairing the interior and exterior structure of the property;

• reimbursing repair cost to the tenants;

• insuring the properties by taking insurances;

• giving 28 days’ notice for rent review;

• providing valid termination notice to the tenants in case of termination and returning deposits to the tenants Landlords can withhold the deposit if tenants left without paying outstanding rent and bills like gas and electricity or without giving proper notice. If the tenants have damages more than normal wear and tear and then they left without paying for the same, then also landlords can withhold the deposit amount. 

Landlords cannot discriminate any tenant on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, race, civil status and membership of a particular community. If residential rent is collected by an agent, he/she must consider taxes and its exemption eligibility properly.